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Find out effective ways to improve working relationships in our book "Recommendations for the prevention of stress in the workplace, edited by I.A. Rybakov"
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Low employee engagement
Reduce the level of absenteeism (abscence due to illness)
Preventing workplace accidents from non-occupational causes
High levels of stress, burnout and psychological distress
High levels of stress, burnout and psychological distress
We guide your company to success and growth through our unique methods
In figures
We had a

increase in productivity
We had

strengthened employer brands
We had

reduced staff turnover in companies

companies have become healthier
by culture

Reduced employee absenteeism
for health reasons


15 percent reduction in stress levels, burnout
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We work with such areas as
Our Team
Zhaksybek Nurtlesov

Well-being has become an international trend in just a few years. According to our data, more than 80% of large Kazakhstani companies already have their own programs. However, not all of these programs are result-oriented. By implementing an integrated approach with our team, you can achieve results quickly and efficiently.
Ivan Rybakov

Programs aimed at promoting the health and well-being of workers are not entertainment or hype. They are effective management tools that help you achieve business goals, build resilience against challenges, and unlock the potential of every team member.
  • CEO and co-founder of Corporate wellbeing Ltd.
  • Founder of the psychological assistance project www.Zumcare.kz, doctor, graduate of UCL London Medical University
  • Experience working on Healthtech and Fitness platforms as a Product Manager and User Researcher. (Spargo Technologies, Fitness Laboratories, Zumdex)
  • Founder of Corporate Wellness App and CPO Wellness Programs
  • Ivan Rybakov - MD, Sechenov University, MSc, University of Nottingham, National Institute of Health CWWS - founder and expert on workplace wellbeing
Our Clients
On behalf of the TsTO MS in Pavlodar, I express my gratitude to the medical specialists who carried out screening for me and my colleagues on June 12, 2024 on the territory of our ATC 54 Kataeva 16. In general, the examination was interesting and informative. I personally learned a lot about my body by undergoing computer diagnostics of organs. The mood of the team was cheerful. Let me note the attentiveness and professionalism of the doctors. Polite communication with the medical staff left a warm aftertaste in my memory, which is relevant today. I will definitely recommend this screening to my friends and acquaintances. We will be happy to undergo this type of examination in the future. Sincerely, Head of the Central Technical Service MS Kairat Agzhanovich Mubarakov.
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